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18 inch Chromies
Retail price $2,300
Import Monster price $1,300

Power FC Suit Nissan S15
Retail price $1,500
Import Monster price $350

18 inch machined 5 spoke
Retail price $2,200
Import Monster price $1,200

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Import Monster now has a shop full of goodies, ready and waiting here in Australia! Browse online, or come visit us in person & show us your ride! Lets go shopping...

NOW DOING ALL OF YAHOO!!! No longer just listing car parts, we've expanded our category listing to include everything! Check out the wonderful, kooky world of Yahoo Japan, if it is legal ∓ can be shipped, Import Monster will sort it! We do suggest you avoid buying weapons as these will likely get confiscated by customs, and likewise fresh foodstuffs will get quarantine's attention! So make sure you check it out...

Finally - the service you have all been asking for. Last year Import Monster revolutionised buying used parts direct from Japan and now we're doing the same thing for cars too! We've expanded our Yahoo auction system to include all the cars for sale from private sellers, and also built in a new system which covers all 66 auction houses in Japan, giving you direct access to all of the auctions, 6 days a week. More...

Not just content with adding cars to the Import Monster system, motorbikes have been added too! From 2 wheel rockets through to quads, we've got bikes covered. Bikes, bice accessories, saftey gear & parts, ready to roll!Note: you can only browse the bike auctions for the moment, we're still locking down the ins and outs of bike importation :) More...

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